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Do you really love your partner or just need to have sex ?

Manish is a normal guy, who does a plenty of casual laydowns until he really met her. And he said, it was MARVELLOUS. He felt so happy that his eyes were shining. He was actually feeling happy, happy enough to feel his hormones making love not having just physical sensations as always.

Your connection with someone at a soul or spiritual level is what makes it’s fulfilling, giving it a real meaning. This is missing in casual sex, although it’s great, but when you have sex with someone who is your love too, it’s at emotional level and happens only when you need it in real.

Sex shouldn’t be the sole thing in your relationship , you need it to strengthen sense of attachment with your partner. It’s about what actually works for the two of you as partners. Getting only those orgasms won’t make you happy internally unless you want to achieve the way to relationship bliss.

Sexual act where love reacts is a bridge between couple. It helps to strengthen link between two people and their bond. 

Have you heard the following :

You can do sex with anyone, but you can’t make love to everybody. 

It is so true because when you make love, there is emotion involved while just having sex is lustful. Making love is not about just the physical body,  It is about all of you, your emotions, your feelings along with love and care. 

Sex can start taking clothing off the body, but making love when it’s about your mutual interaction.

You hardly even require to interact while you do sex with each other in a closed bedroom. No care or no feelings as we said earlier. Feelings don’t count while doing sex except your bodily orgasms. Lovemaking, on the other hand, starts even when you talk, you play, you interact outside your bed-sheets, your area enclosed which adds to your and your partner’s emotions. The more you feel connected, the more intense love you and your partner as a couple make.

Either way, if you’re both able to set the mood and build the passion along with interactive feelings, it’s about more than just sex. You seem to care about how the your partner feels and want them to feel good as well, to feel seduced in a lovely way and to be cared about.

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