Hi, I’m NiA. If you’re feeling in a vicious arena of a disorder, your relationships personal or interpersonal, depression, stress or even anxiety, I’m here to help, to make you feel worth of your life. I’m a counsellor with a zeal to deal with a variety of issues which we all encounter somewhere around ourselves. Therapies which seem easy at the beginning and a less of work, involve a bigger change in the lives of clients I deal with, so Here, I am, again with a new serenity to make you feel at peace and happy

Welcome to Health With NiA

NiA is a motive, an aim, a milestone yet to be achieved in the field of mental health and concerns which are often ignored by many of us, but we as a duo tried to come up with a sense of belongings towards our society, the responsibility we have for you all which gave birth to NiA

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Step 1 : Hassle free contact, A few questions of preferences and We connect you to the Counsellor

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Online Therapy near me, Counselling for Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Relationship problems

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All the counsellors have undergone training sessions and are well equipped to handle various issues pertaining to either Personal or Professional space maintaining complete privacy and confidentiality.

Our Principles

  • Confidentiality
  • Respect for Individual
  • Ethics Maintainence
  • No Judgements
  • Privacy
  • Comfortable
  • Being a Human not a machine Therapist

WE shape your present Building a secure inner self for Future Development

Complete Care on Your Schedule

Bringing Valuable Life to Your Sweet Smile

It’s life and we all go through it, our relations, of any type. Here we deal with individual therapy and couples therapy focusing on such as :- Addiction, Sexual and Intimacy Issues, Emotional Re-wiring, Jealously and Trust, Disputes of the family


Please don’t feel sad, It’s said easy than done, so here we are to help you deal with transforming said things to doing it purposefully : Emotions Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, Guided Breathing and Meditation, Releasing Anxiety and Stress, Management of Self Life cycle


Feeling as if, you feel something else, out of this world but nowhere to be found, cannot categorise anything, NiA deals with this too, Do Not Worry, Just Write to Us, WE are there to Guide

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Sometimes it's just our thoughts which play, motive, guide, dismantle, make us feel reactive even hyperactive but nothing can beat us when we just let them come and go without much indulgence. Here you would find a way to relate and relax in this fast ongoing life

Care and Counselling for Today’s Lifestyle

We Have All Your Mind Health Needs Covered
Relationship Counselling
Anxiety Issues
Work and Professional Life issues
Career, Education and Future Counselling
Confidence Enhancement
Stronger Self-Esteem
Un-Explained Issue Counselling
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First Counselling Session at Rs. 100/- Only

Happy Stories

Creating Vibrant Smiles for Happy Lifestyles!
I do not know how it went, but what I know is NiA actually helped me get out of what I was feeling which was unexplained to anyone, resolved by NiA, Thanks
“A wonderful session, although I came here just for a one time sharing of inner feelings but would like to schedule again in future. Therapist has a good sense of understanding which I couldn’t find in others”
“I was made so comfortable during the session that I forgot my miseries and the pain I was going through, therapist kind of dealt with burning it out of my heart, Thanks a lot”
“Thanks to the team who gave a new path to my life”

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